Mysterrrrious Spaaaace – second update

  • moving enemies – you can KILL
  • enemy bullets – that can KILLexceptyoudon’tdieyetshh >_>
  • points (@TODO: graveyard)

I probably lied at the end of the video when I said I’d work on more enemy types next: upon further thinking, I believe I should first focus on monster drops – including “potions” and “scrolls” – and inventory management UI. gotta’ get those Rogue-like basics!

2 thoughts on “Mysterrrrious Spaaaace – second update”

  1. ha – cool! I tried it out: I think it has better graphics than mine ever will, and I like that you included point-build character creation! if I have time, I might add something similar to my game; I think it would be really funny to include the randomly-generated backstories that are in the classic Rogue-likes, but about your ship… “Though your ship was built in a SCRAPPY shipyard, a SKILLED MECHANIC was dedicated to its construction. It is SHORT, and has a YELLOW paint job with BLUE detailing.” etc 😛

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