The Girl Who Played With The Dragons Nest: Day 1

As I mentioned before I got very little done on the first day due to family commitments but I made a start at least.  My game is going to be console-mode, written in c++ (with heavy use of C++11 features) and the ncurses toolkit.  My development platform is Ubuntu Linux 12.04 and g++ 4.6.3.   Hopefully it will be pretty cross-platform (to Unixes anyway) but I’m not going to worry about that too much right now.

The architecture is the good old MVC pattern.  I created a rudimentary controller (in, game.h) and just enough of a view (, view.h) to be able to press Q to quit.)  All the curses bits are in the View class so should I decide to port it to another platform or toolkit that should be the only file that needs to be changed.

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