The Girl Who Played With The Dragons Nest: Day 2

Today I got a lot more done though still not an entire uninterrupted day.  Damn you real life!

I’m going to take the labyrinth part of Procedural Death Labyrinth seriously and set TGWPWTDN in a maze rather than the standard rooms and corridors type of dungeon.  It will only be 15 tiles by 15 because a goal is to have a casual game which can be completed in about 5 minutes.  As well as making it easier to build something I can finish in 7 days, I personally like small scale games like this.  I find I rarely have the time to play long and involved games nowadays but I still want my dungeon crawling fix.  It will be interesting to see how many traditional roguelike elements I can squeeze into such a small space.

So today was dedicated into getting a procedurally generated maze built and displayable.  I used the algorithm from this page on Rogue Basin.  Unfortunately the examples there are in all sorts of languages except c++.  In translation I have introduced some sort of bug which causes the generator to loop endlessly.  I’m too tired to debug it now so that will be job 1 tomorrow morning.

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