Blackguard: Day 3 Update

The game hasn’t changed much visually over the last 24 hours, but a lot of work has gone into procedural item generation and inventory management. I’ve come up with a fairly solid framework for adding item ‘templates’ that can be used to generate items with varying attributes, controlled by how far into the dungeon the player has progressed. If time allows, it will also be easy to add more item types to the game later in the week.


On the inventory management side, you can open a dialog that lists what you’re carrying. It currently only shows item names, but will eventually contain more information.

Next up is enemy generation, and I’m planning to follow a similar pattern to item generation to get randomised enemies into the game. The beauty of the inventory system is that I can easily equip any NPC with items in order to change their attributes and appearance, and that’s exactly how I intend to create variety in the enemies you’ll face.

With any luck, I may even have something resembling a playable game after tomorrow.

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