Colosseum of Rogues- Day 4

-Implemented blocking. Blocking lasts 10 frames (or until blockstun is over if the blocker does end up blocking a hit), is done by pressing the space bar, and negates all regular attack damage as long as it’s being done. It also reduces incoming special move damage to 25%.

-Implemented hitstun (immobility while being hit) and blockstun (immobility while blocking.) These values allow for what in fighting games is called ‘frame advantage’, or how ready each combatant is to act, relative to each other, after one either blocks or is hit by the other’s move.

-Fixed crash bugs related to the character’s stat sheet (‘L’) and the help screen (‘H’).

-Rebalanced enemies, special move damage, hitstun and blockstun.

-Fixed faulty text messages that sometimes referred to a downed unit as ‘uninjured’.

ColosseumOfRoguesDay4 is here.


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