cyberdekay update

day four? not sure. a lot of the program execution mechanics are in, and i developed and implemented some new ideas about them along the way too.

programs start locked, but can be unlocked by executing one-use key programs on them. that should make exploring the map a necessity. the goal of the game will be to unlock the anti-virus program which requires many keys to achieve.

things i still need to do: winning, sound, virus + losing (this should drive the gameplay so it’s pretty important!), intro to explain the game, gameplay tweaking.

you can play last night’s version at – i obviously didn’t finish in time for the cyberpunk jam 🙁

a description of what is happening in the gif: i use an unlock program to unlock the memory access point of the starting memory block, i then link that memory access point through a copy program into another memory access point, which causes the memory block to be copied over.


Author: Mark Wonnacott

i like to make experimental games, often with exciting graphics. author of cyberdekay, chaos wizard, channel hopping

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