DiceMines – day 3

Want some giant jumping arachnids with your roguelike?

Enemies can now use their special abilities just like you can. Arachnids can jump, bear attacks can temporarily lower your stats, orcs can boost their stats, ghosts can become invisible, fairies can use magic, etc. It gives them much more character but a few are way overpowered. Too bad it took about 3 hours of refactoring and trying to figure out why the bear ai took several minutes to run.

Also, I was originally planning on making it so you could select a special ability and then select a target, but I realized it was easier to just have a list of effects to be applied to your next attack. That was an easier implementation and allows zanier gameplay since you can do crazy combos. Like boosting your accuracy, boosting your damage, jumping across the screen into an enemy, and knocking it back all as part of one attack. It’s pretty fun. Although when a giant arachnid jumps across a chasm and knocks you back and makes you fall a few levels down another chasm… well… that’s also pretty fun.

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 12.08.31 AM
This is what happens when bears wake up near you


  • enemies can use the same abilities heroes can use
  • enemies can be put to sleep (with the soothe ability or some start asleep)
  • enemies flee when afraid (with the intimidate ability or after a kill)
  • a great deal of refactoring

To do

  • victory condition
  • select allies to adventure with you
  • mouse support and other gui improvements
  • probably completely redo what creatures are used

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