Dungeon Dual – Day 3


split screeeeeeen

A very successful day 3. Thanks to some play testing from the #rgrd IRC channel I was able to get the basic co-op mechanic working. Right now 2 players can play the same game across different browsers, and your progress will get updated on your partner’s screen.

So, two exact same dungeon instances (level seeds are pre-generated), but two totally separate games. The split screen seemed a bit noisy at first, but I came up with a much nicer updating schedule that takes into account that most turn-based roguelikes are played in a “rush, rush, wait” manner. It will try not to needlessly spam the screen if your partner is in the middle of a furious dash.

In the game, the evil TIME MASTER has shattered reality inside the CAVES OF CHAOS. Every adventurer that enters arrives in their own splintered instance of the cave, but their companion is nowhere to be found, reduced to only a flickering echo. Out of the corner of your eye, you can catch ghostly flashes of your companion and the monsters she is facing.

Your companion has the exact same dungeon to deal with. But if you are brave enough, you can help her overcome the odds, and vice versa.

Inspiration for the TIME MASTER
Inspiration for the TIME MASTER


Up next for day 4: re-adding monsters, and coming up with with my “co-op sync” formula which will determine the effectiveness of co-op abilities. The farther away you are in TIME and SPACE will decrease how much you can help your ally. I haven’t figured out an exact formula for this yet but it will look something like:

S = sqrt((2D-distance)^2 + alpha*(Turn Differential)^2)

Where alpha is some factor that allows for maximum “fun”. I want players to be able to play by themselves if they want, but be subtly nudged to wait up or catch up to their friend.



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  1. So when you say split-screen, does that mean both players need to be playing in different browsers on the same computer? That seems a bit awkward… Or do you mean you’d just get a view of everyone else’s game as you play?

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