Guilder Update

4 days and twelve hours in… I have an almost-functional magic system finally. o_o Spells can be assembled and cast, and can create persistent effects that tick every turn. I can now start working on the more exciting parts of the system, like spells that actually do useful things. The next step on my TODO list is implementing particles for position and direction and stuff like that, so you can specify where exactly you want the hurty things to come down.

Now that I’m a little more confident in the framework, though, I may take a quick detour to finish up the non-magical parts of the game– objects*, equipping, more monsters, multiple floors, the ability to die, and the endgame– so that I can focus more fully on the magic system going forward without worrying about my game being incomplete because of mundane junk.

On a lunch break at work I put up a tiny website just so I have someplace to stow my screenshots and stuff, so you can look at them there. I also put up a youtube video to demonstrate casting and then turning off a spell.

(* Yes, one of the first items I’m implementing is going to be a handy reference manual for everything you need to cast spells. Although that might just be the help screen that appears when you hit ‘?’.)

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