No Name Dungeon – Day 4

3 days of programming in and I’m starting to get a good idea of how the game will come together.

Very much derivative of Zaga 33 and Hoplite, it’s a minimalist, one hit point model.

The goal for today is to get gameplay implemented. There’s already pathfinding for the player character and a cannon ball weapon. The primary obstacle will be falling rocks. You can see their shadow the turn prior to them appearing on a tile. Only a certain proportion of them will remain after hitting ground, making movement in successive turns difficult. The cannon can destroy one at a time, if it’s on the same axis as you. If one lands on the character, you’re gone.

I’m mulling over implementing some kind of timer on how long you get to choose your move. The shape of the map may change depending what works works best with the mechanics. The goal will probably not be infinite survival but to reach some fixed number of turns.

The graphics are from the wonderful Oryx 16 bit fantasy set. No name, music or explicit theme decided on yet.


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