Rogue Station, Day 3

Today’s topic of development has been oxygen. The game starts with rather sparse amounts of oxygen distributed about the space station, so you have to hurry up and get enough electric power going to start up an air generator, then open some air vents to allow oxygen to start flowing. The amount of air vents you open will evenly share the amount of generated air for that turn, so it becomes a system of managing where you want rich amount of oxygen and how much power you want to spend on generating oxygen (you can turn on multiple air generators to generate more oxygen each turn).

Spent a lot of time trying to improve the oxygen propagation algorithm, only to realize basic random order of adjacent cell propagation was more than sufficient!

Had to do a lot of cleanup and tweaking of this system and how it affected other things. We also introduced the Station Control Unit (SCU) panel, which the player has access to at all times. Since air is invisible, you have to do an oxygen sweep of the station through the SCU, which will overlay the game map with oxygen color masking (blue) until you spend another turn.

The player breaths air too now, so if you stay in a room without air for too long you’ll suffocate and die.

Air vent
Air propagation

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