Blackguard: Day 4 Update

Past half way, and I finally feel like I have enough code in place to start implementing some actual gameplay! Today was all about getting NPCs into the game, which came down to setting up data structures to support procedurally generating each NPC’s race, appearance, class, and equipment, as well as when and where they should appear in the dungeon. Then, it was simple to spawn as many as I wanted in each level.


In the screenshot above, in addition to the player (wearing the red cloak), you can see two undead and a ‘Soldier’ class human NPC in the upper left. NPCs are only capable of wandering about aimlessly right now, but I have plans for some interesting interactions between them. For example, human NPCs aren’t necessarily hostile towards you, and have their own goals in the dungeon that may or may not involve hindering your own progress.

Tomorrow, it will finally be time to implement combat. Even now, I still only have a vague idea of how combat will work, but all the necessary pieces are in place.



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