end of Thursday: ship customization

I had other things I had to do today, but was able to sneak in two important features this evening:

  • equipping & unequipping ship parts! useful!
  • “character creation”! rogue-like!

character creation features procedurally-generated back-stories for your ship, including its color, and allows you to name the ship (gamepad and keyboard both supported!)

the color of your ship also affects the window detail and selection border colors in the UI, as seen here:


see? important πŸ˜›

possibly also worth noting: the “underline” beneath the weapon name (“Blaster”) also serves as a progress bar for the weapon’s reload. for most weapons, this is so fast that the bar is pretty useless – you’re basically gonna’ always hold down the fire button – but I’m definitely intending on adding powerful-but-slow-loading weapons, including “weapons” that do things other than shoot bullets…

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