Golem Quest Day 6

Only a little more than a day to go. The greatest of today’s achievements is pictured below: a title screen / main menu.

Glorious main menu.
Glorious main menu.

Now that there is a menu where some choices can be made (namely controller and 1 or 2 players), I’ve reintroduced gamepad support and local co-op. I got them somewhat working already at the very beginning, but they were disabled for several days and required some fixing.

The picture also illustrates the background story and goal of the game. It’s rather trivial, but I need to keep the scope narrow if I want to complete this in time.

Still on TODO:

  • Implement win condition
  • More enemy types
  • Make golems differ more
  • Enemies should drop loot
  • More interesting and variable environment
  • Tune visuals
  • Balancing

Finding and processing 3d assets has been the nastiest part in making this game – and I still have some of it ahead of me. I miss ASCII.

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