h@ckeRl on its 4th day.

Or 5th, I don’t know.

Made some progress, mostly on the new game screen to make the flow smooth. My job does take a lot of energy out of me, leaving me little time to work on the game.

The game is playable here

Right now, the “favourite tool” is typing “/connect <serverIP>”

The idea of OS and specs selection is to decide what “race” and “attributes” the player wants to be. Each type of OS will offer different pros and cons that can affect gameplay.

The computer specs may also affect the gameplay, or rather, the difficulty level of the game. Player can start with a lower specs, but with more money, easier jobs at first, or go with a higher specs that cost more money, and dealing with more advanced targets.

All in speculations, of course. Still a long way to go.


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