We’re coming up on the deadline so it’s a little late for a first progress post, but here goes.


d6RL is a roguelike where everything is a six-sided die.  The player character is actually a party of six heroes – Warrior, Wizard, Bishop, Paladin, Ranger, and Thief.  Each class has a different ability.  The warrior has a powerful attack that hits the adjacent orthogonal squares, the Bishop heals the character and deals a small amount of damage to all adjacent squares, etc.  Enemies will each have a couple different attacks depending on their face-up side.

We’ve got a lot of work in the next couple of days to get this to a finished, playable state, but it’s looking like this will turn out to be a lot of fun.

4 thoughts on “Progress!”

  1. Oh, when I first heard about this, I didn’t realize that everything literally *is* a d6! I thought it just meant that everything was resolved using a d6… clever! So does the side that’s facing up have any particular impact on the outcome of your actions? Because that would make for some interesting tactical decisions, reminiscent of the colored block puzzles from the GBC Zelda games…

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