The Way of The Warrior. I’m done.

It’s finished. Twice. First I made a playable concept in 24 hours (like 1DRL), then I improved it to be more useable and refactored code a lot. Both versions
are available online:




Here’s a short video of how the gameplay looks like in case your browser lacks
canvas/webgl support:

Sources are on Bitbucket:
Game uses pixi.js renderer and written in javascript.

The working name for this game was ‘Stubborn Warriors’, but now I call it ‘The
Way of The Warrior’, like bushido.

Plot is very simple. Actually, there is no plot, unless your imagination gives
you one. There are three brave warriors and three linear paths for each of them,
filled with danger and gold.

Each warrior is unique: fighter is strong, archer can shoot arrows to the
monsters in front of him, and monk can use spells to affect monsters. But you
can only give commands to all of the warriors at once. E.g. you tell them to move –
they will all move, you tell them to jump – they will all jump.

Since every path is linear, warriors can either move and fight, or they can
avoid combats with jumping over monsters.

There are only 3 kinds of monsters: hobgoblins – motionless weak creatures,
orcs – strong beasts always trying to group together to form unavoidable blocks,
and gargoiles – fast, strong and chaotic creatures.

Killing monsters increases warrior experience, which affects his health, his
attack strength and defence skills. Also killing monsters give you gold.

Paths also contain useful items – health potions, gold and special items – bows
and magic spells. Archer can hold only a single bow at once, much like monk can
remember only a single spell. Both, bows and spells are one-time weapon so use
them wisely.

Finally, gold. The most useful resource in the game. Bob Marley said ‘money
can’t buy you life’ – in this game it actually can. If a warrior dies – it can
be resurrected if you have more than 20 items of gold. However, you will lose half of
your gold. Fair price I think. If you don’t have enough gold to resurrect a
perished warrior – well, your game is over then.

I wrote a simple AI to test if the game is playable with heuristics (well, it’s
not really intelligent, it’s just trial-and-error effort). The best results of
the AI was reaching 50 level with 237 items of gold. Can you beat it?

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing, and everyone who followed my
progress. It’s end of day 5, I have to get out of dungeons back to the real
life, but it was absolutely great time!


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