Blackguard: Day 5 Update

It took 5 days, but the game is finally playable. Not that you’d really want to play it in its current state, because combat isn’t even remotely balanced, but progress is progress.


I’ve tried to do something a bit out of the ordinary for the combat mechanics in an effort to get away from the typical hit points system that almost every RPG uses. Although there are hit point-ish numbers in the background keeping track of things, the outcome of any given attack is decided based on factors like a character’s current stamina level and how wounded they are. Getting tired or hurt reduces your combat ability and increases the chance that you’ll be dealt a fatal blow. While you’re in good condition, however, you’ll be able to evade or parry attacks that otherwise may have killed you. Instead of just chipping away at hit points, the feel I’m going for is an exchange of blows that suddenly ends when one side lets their guard down.

With only one full day left, there are still a few features to be implemented, like the win/lose screens, and the all-important title screen, but the real challenge will be getting things as polished as I can with the time remaining.

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