Colosseum of Rogues- Day 5: Arcade-Style Ladder, Fight Cards.

-Every match is with one of a preset group of opponents, and there are 8 matches you have to win before you beat the game.

-Some opponents have come up with negative damage values. I’ve solved this one.

-Beating the game or losing a match takes you back to the title.

-Escape quits the game with a prompt to confirm if the player is sure.

-Before every match, the opponent’s longsheet (the same stat sheet you see when you press ‘L’) comes up, with its name, special moves, basic attack damage, and movement recovery values.

-‘M’ now displays the full message history.

-More UI cleanup.

Tomorrow I plan to finish the game and see if I can add supers, EX moves and the super meter, as well as bughunting and final balancing. If there’s time either that night or Saturday, I plan to make purely randomly generated special moves and opponents.

Colosseum Of Rogues Day 5 is linked here.



The fight card is filled in!



Stage 2 of 8 stages. No superboss yet. All 8 stages are against random enemies from a preset list as of the end of Day 5.

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