cyberdekay update


got about 40 hours left. things are really coming together! i’ve implemented winning and losing, fixed many stupid bugs, fixed up the sounds a little and loads of random polish. most importantly i’ve finally implemented the virus which is the enemy of the game

things that are left to do: manage the random generation to avoid unsolveable maps, balance virus frequency/propagation to provide sufficient challenge, come up with interesting contents for the files scattered in the map, change copy program to swap program?

what’s happening in the gif: the virus is spreading towards the player, putting their programs at risk. they link the erase program to the access node of a memory block between their programs and the virus – the program erases the memory block forever, slowing the progress of the virus


Author: Mark Wonnacott

i like to make experimental games, often with exciting graphics. author of cyberdekay, chaos wizard, channel hopping

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