KKDKDLRL Completed

Well we didn’t quite get to all the features I wanted – but we did get time to balance the game.

This is a dungeon defense game where you are trying to keep lemurs from stealing an artifact from your dungeon. You have various traps and dinosaurs at your disposal, but you have to manage your resources carefully to keep from running out of food or gold.

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1 thought on “KKDKDLRL Completed”

  1. I really liked the concept here. The game ends up being much too easy in practice — you can easily get to a point where you win every day without so much as taking a hit. I think most of the issues could be fixed if you prevented allied monsters from stacking on a single tile.

    More nitpickily, there’s not much reason to use rooms, and traps are horribly ineffective compared to monsters. You could solve both problems by making traps more effective when placed in rooms (or maybe just make traps more effective and prevent them from being placed in corridors).

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