Pretty late for a first-progress post, but haven’t had a ton of time this week.

KKDKDLRL (Working title) Is a browser based rogue-like defense game. The goal of the game is to defeat a barrage of ever more proficient primates as they try to retrieve an artifact from your dungeon.

When an adventurer makes it all of the way out of the dungeon with the artifact, you lose.

The game runs in cycles of building and defending, where the player first builds their dungeon using limited annual resources to build halls and tunnels and fill them with dinosaurs and traps. After the player is satisfied with their dungeon, they can advance to the defending phase where a primate (or later, more primates at once) attempt to retrieve the artifact from the dungeon. During the defense phase, the player has various spells and traps at their disposal to attempt to thwart the primates in realtime.

From a game play perspective, the game is nearly complete, with switching to a new tileset, and a lot of balancing + UI styling left to go tomorrow.


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