We started Monday so today is the start of day 5 for our team. This first post is a bit late, but we have been making good progress on our space themed roguelike, “Spaaaaaaace!”. Things have been moving slowly as we all have “regular” jobs to go to during the day, but it feels like we’ve still gotten a lot done so far. We’re using Unity and most of the systems have been built from scratch. We decided to go with a graphical tile system which has taken a bit of time to tune and get to the quality level we want. Once you decide you want it to look nice it’s hard to stop tweaking things.

The shot below is from a manually generated test level built for testing things like object pickup, combat and using items. At this point we have a bit more work to do on random ship generation, combat and leveling systems and final polish.

Spaaaaaaace! Test Level
Test Level


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