Succession [Complete]

According to legends, this is it: the dungeon wherein lies the mystical Amulet of Zot. Whoever manages to retrieve it will gain great power and glory. Only… it probably won’t be you.

With my lich ally, I am unstoppable!
With my lich ally, I am unstoppable!

You begin Succession as a rogue adventurer: a smart but perhaps unwise fellow celebrating your recent victory over a dire rat by seeking the Amulet of Zot. You will probably die. And that’s where your adventure begins.

When you are killed by one of the dungeon’s many occupants, you start back at the beginning with one minor change: you now control the monster who killed your previous adventurer. Should you die again, you will return as the monster who killed that monster, and so on. Someday, you’ll die to something that’s strong enough to claim the Amulet.


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6 thoughts on “Succession [Complete]”

  1. This sounds intriguing! Kind of reminiscent of Rogue Legacy, or that other 7DRL this year where items you use to slay many monsters become legendary artifacts in your next game. Does this game let you save your progress between sessions, say, by using a cookie?

      1. Aww 🙁

        Oh, say, I did find a bug. The imp’s blink ability says it teleports you when you attack, but it actually teleports you when you get hit. The description of the ability when you start playing as an imp is correct, though.

    1. Surely you have a mouse? The game isn’t fully keyboard-compatible anyway.

      I may make some revisions down the line, and vi-keys could be one of them, but since I’m past deadline for 7DRL, I’m not making changes in the short term. I should have known the core RL crowd would want them, though 🙂

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