Blackguard: Day 6 Update

Almost there… all the features are in place, and several have been scrapped entirely. It’s possible to play the game from start to finish in its current state, though the combat is still completely unbalanced (in your enemies’ favour). I think I’ll spend my last day trying to simplify combat to the point where I can realistically play test and balance it in the time remaining.


I’ve already cut back a lot of the items and enemies that were originally implemented, and I think it was a wise move, as it helps the game feel more focused. I’ve also settled on a story and theme. In short, you play as a prisoner who has escaped from a dungeon, and need to find your way through a labyrinthine cave to win your freedom. To complicate matters, the cave is infested with undead, and the guards from the prison are trying to hunt you down. You’re not much of a match for the guards on your own, so most of the game mechanics revolve around trying to evade guards while they’re distracted by undead, or teaming up with other escaped prisoners.

It’s a bit of a shame that I’m left with so little time to refine the actual gameplay, as I feel like there are some decent ideas here, but they need a lot more polish before I’ll be happy with them.


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