Colosseum of Rogues Day 6- Move strengths and super meter.

-Implemented a super meter that builds as one performs special moves, attacks, blocks or takes damage.

– Implemented light (Ctrl+direction or special move key), medium (no key modifier), and heavy (Shift + direction or special move key) attacks, as well as EX special moves (which use 50 meter and require a press of Ctrl and Shift before the special move key).

-Implemented two supers that use 100 meter, and a more powerful one with greater time costs and damage that uses 200 meter.

– The UI displays the frame data of a move by its strength type, after the move is used. Attempts to redraw the screen when shift or ctrl  are used, with no non-modifier key, have been unsuccessful.

The final day is a wild card, reserved for any further bughunting, balancing and modification I can do between now and midnight on March 16th. I’ll try to implement randomized opponent movesets and frame data by then.

Colosseum Of Rogues Day 6 is linked here.


The new UI for Colosseum of Rogues.

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