DiceMines – day 6

Funny day today. I greatly improved the pathfinding of your allies so they now stay near you and can follow to other z-levels. They each have their own preference for how far ahead or behind you they want to be. It took quite a while to get right but I think it works fairly well. I also gave them better names. I started with throwing together some fantasy style names but changed my mind since I’ve done that before. This time I just pick from lists of the most common first and last names in the USA. For some reason I think it’s really funny to be running around fighting orcs with Kimberly Clark and Steven Brown.

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 8.14.54 PM
A large party of 8 adventurers. We mostly fell down chasms and got killed by pious lizardfolk.


  • start the game with some allies who stay close to you
  • show your allies and some details on the screen

To do:

  • actually select your party before you enter the dice mines
  • rethink the enemies
  • improve the fighting ai of allies
  • make allies pickup items
  • improve the personality and banter of allies
  • more dice to pickup
  • maybe rescue more allies in the cave?
  • mouse support for looking, aiming, and moving

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