done! well, not really, but time’s up :P

Download: MysteriousSpace-7DRL

For windows; requires .NET. Some versions of Windows need to install the OpenAL32 library (by Creative Labs), so I included it in the ZIP. This requirement is because MonoGame is not the best library, which I learned a bit about through making this project. (It’s pretty good! Just… ‘got some problems…)

I recommend using an xbox-like gamepad, but you don’t have to.

When you win the game, it almost certainly crashes.

Things I would have liked to have done, but didn’t have the time, but may do later:

  • Taller levels, and allowing the player free movement, rather than forcing them forward. I realized that this would be 10x cooler than what I have MUCH too late.
  • A “you got the mysterious thing” cut-scene. Instead, you will have to pretend you get the mysterious thing at the end of Sector 9.
  • A “you win” screen after getting all the way through Sector 0. instead of it crashing 😛
  • A graveyard/highscore table
  • Volume control (there’s some sound effects)
  • Background music (MonoGame is REALLY BAD at this)
  • More balancing of equipment and monsters
  • More types of monsters


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