Hellspace: Success

What a hard slog. I’m writing this at the end of a 26 hour stretch, and my deadline is just 40m away. Everything is in, and some last minute refactoring of the decoy code, (where the player can create an illusionary double) and how the AI handles multiple targets allowed me to add friendly fighting NPCs to the game. So as you wander around you’ll be able to pick them up along the way – it really really ties the game together into something more, especially since they’re meat shields and don’t last long, it’s like the station is alive with fighting, rather than being a lone soldier against the world.

This is by far the most detailed 7drl I’ve done to date – There is stuff everywhere and I spent probably too much time animating and drawing sprites for this. The map generation is a boring which is a shame, but I never really like doing it anyway and there is a huge variety of room types and things to see to make up for it.

Since a big drawback in my previous games was the difficulty, this time I still tuned the game to my normal standard, but also added an easy mode where the player gets 500 max health instead of 300. That should work out well, and hopefully keep everyone happy.

The game can be downloaded here.

On the Lazarus research space station, there is lots to do:

You can stomp some heads with the boys…

Investigate some wierd science…

And descend into madness…

7 thoughts on “Hellspace: Success”

  1. Really looking forward to trying this one out. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it working on my macbook and all the other java ones I tried out so far have worked.

    1. Damn, I can’t really check mac or linux as I don’t have access to computers with those OSs, so I was pretty much just hoping it would just work… The problem is most likely related to OpenGL, if you can forward me an exception or something then I’ll see what I can do.

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