KRAXLN – success!

And we are done!

KRAXLN is a game about rock climbing.
Each climbing move costs the amount of strenght the tiles display. If your strength falls to 0 you have to rest one turn and gain back +3 strength. If your strength falls below 0 you get exhausted and you will have to wait until your 10 strength are recovered. You can collect climbing-hooks which you can use to protect yourself from crashing. Your goal is to reach the top of the mountain!

Short write up about the game design on the Tinytouchtales Blog.

Play in your Webbrowser (Unity Plug-in)


6 thoughts on “KRAXLN – success!”

  1. I remember seeing a gif of this earlier in the week and it’s still looking very impressive. The goats are way too difficult to deal with though. I get that there’s probably not impetuous for cleverly planning your moves ahead without them. It was quite frustrating to have a hook and still not be guaranteed survival. Apart from those goddamn goats, I love everything about this.

  2. Hey donderper,

    thanks for the feedback ;).

    There are a few things to keep in mind that we don’t explain in detail: after you crash but being saved from a hook, you get a one turn penalty thus making it important where you hook yourself, otherwise the goats just get you the second time ;).
    Also if you climb on 0-Tiles you get an extra move, meaning every time you traverse onto a 0 tile the enemies won’t move. This is very important to plan you way ahead and use it to “out-climb” your foes.

  3. Yeah, the 0 tiles are what it’s about. I was a bit confused as the where I was allowed to rest but as soon as I figured out the resting mechanic I abused it to fight the goats.

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