Powerslave – 4th post

Hi all,

As the deadline is getting closer, I had to sacrifice some features… what I have implemented since last post:

  • Enemy 1 (skeleton)
  •  Weapon 1 (rock restricted to horizontal movement – max 3 in screen)
  • Gold (no use yet)

Try this version here. Use cursor keys to move, Z to shoot, TAB to toggle minimap.

To do:

  • Health counter
  • Enemy damage
  • Hearts (to recover health)

Whish list:

  • Store at the end of each floor (weapon, speed, health, water)
  • Final Boss


  • Mini bosses
  • Map as an object
  • More enemy types

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1 thought on “Powerslave – 4th post”

  1. ha – I really like the graphics 🙂 I’m a sucker for the old-school pixel stuff 🙂

    I was trying to avoid the skeletons for so long, and then got myself stuck where I couldn’t avoid them and went “nooooooo-oh. nothing happened.” 😛

    it’s fun to collect things, though. grabbin’ up all the moneys and water as fast as possible, worried about how long the level might be, and if my water will last…

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