Rogue Station, Day 5

Report coming in half a day late, but wanted to update on the progress quickly.

Today was spent on a lot of different small things and small fixes over the board (didn’t want to save all of that for the last day). Actual working repair mechanics and equipment that would spawn with random conditions (some are working, some with defects, some broken and a few beyond repair). Ran over all descriptions for station equipment menus, and made the text more informative towards the mechanics. The cloning machine, which is your spawn point when you start a new game, is now in the game too. The last thing that went in was the transport ability, which allow you to “teleport” or “blink” short distances, with increasing power consumption costs. Quite useful, not the least because it makes my procedural placement of decoration/interior less game breaking if it blocks a path or something like that (yeah, we didn’t spend much time trying to get that placement look good). A lot of small issues with this Transport ability, because it’s a quite intrusive mechanic, disabling player movement, need to prevent teleporting onto invalid cells, need to give player enough information to use it, etc.

All in all a good day 🙂

Cloning Machine

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