Rushan grows stronger – Success !

Well, it was an interesting week for sure. As we expected, we could do most of what we wanted to put in but we got enough done nonetheless.

As a project, we used it to experiment with the Entity Component System design. It was interesting but in this particular case, since we were doing the whole engine on a rush, we brute forced our way through some systems causing some performance issues and not enough time to optimize cleanly the whole thing.

Which in turn reduced the monster density from what we wanted, which in turn affects the potential XP gain and loots etc etc etc… So much to do and so little time 🙂


All in all, the game should be playable and I think, winnable too with some luck with drops. The three heroes available are of varying difficulties and game style at least. Remember, Rushan grows stronger as the time passes so don’t farm too much !


We only have a Windows binary available. Though the code should me 100% compatible with Linux and MacOS since it relies entirely on SDL 2.0. For those that want to try or just want to have a look at the source, here it is :

For Windows binaries, you can get them here for now

Edit : Replaced download link with Dropbox one that is more reliable.

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