The Curse Of Midas (finished, sort of)

I’m calling it finished as it is playable and winnable with the intended storyline, but very short on content and hardly balanced at all, and the graphics are dreadfully unfinished.  Still, as a 7DRL I think it counts as a success.  I will definitely be working more on it, probably targeting mobile.

Instructions: It’s Flash – click on the link, and click the yellow screen to start (there was supposed to be a splash screen).  To play, click on a monster to run to it, or attack if adjacent.  Click on the statues to activate them.  Click on an inventory item to use it.  Stand on stairs and click self to go down.  That is all.

I finished it in a forced march up to the deadline, throwing caution and code encapsulation to the wind as the time approached.  There are some ugly hacks in there!  And really, it’s not balanced at all.  More of a demo than a game, really.

The thing I like best about it is the super-simple interface, I think it could be perfect for a mobile game – once I’ve added a ton more content.


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