The Littlest Princess – 2 Days Left



It’s a game. All the elements are in. These last 2 days will be improving the graphics, sound and music. I’ll add one minor element common in arcade games, which is how man ‘lives’ the character has. Give you 3 tries to start, and let you pick up more lives each level.

So there will be permafail but multiple lives.

There will be some bugs to squish for sure, so I’ll be adding no new elements.

The only major thing I had to cut were a variety of enemies and items, and tweening (might add that last day if I have time, it would be a HUGE improvement if I want non-roguelikers to play).

It didn’t seem fun at first, until I added the ghost to run from. Now it’s a bit of a brain burner. Avoiding gnomes is trivial. You can block them and freeze them all you like. Now do that while outrunning the ghost!

My game has like zero depth but good for one play through.

Keep ’em coming guys!

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