6.5 days of h@ckeRL

I’m on the edge of my 7 day, and even though I have the basic gameplay done, I still want to squeeze files system into it in half a day.

The current version of the game can be play here. Again, to start the editor, use “/connect IP” in the IRC window.

At the moment, player’s HP is the current memory usage of the player’s computer. Instead of subtracting HP when getting damage, this number is added by enemy’s damage, meaning that the virus/antivirus is injecting more memory to your editor. Watch out for this number, as if you go over your computer’s memory, game is over.

Thanks to help from @anvoz, we have a nice graphs of CPU and MEM usage during the editing process. Movement creates CPU usage, and when the player attacks, it creates a spike. Memory will be increasing when enemy hits you.

We wanted to get away from the traditional logs such as “You hit XYZ for 456 damage. XYZ hit you for 123 damage” and use the graphs to visualize the hit and damage of the player over time.

Hopefully, in the last half of the day, we would be able to add files, which may be kept in the player’s HDD, and executed for random effects, such as spawning more enemy, identifying another file, or freezing a certain memory blocks (CheatEngine any one?). File can have a limited number of runs.

And congrats to all of you who managed to finish your 7DRL, whether completing the game or not. It has been a fun journey!

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