Atarowg (Atari 2600) – 7DRL COMPLETE


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Our brave Knight must delve the dungeon depths to retrieve the Eye of Gingrich and bring it back to the castle!  Treasure chests contain various items (or nothing).  If you find a healing scroll press FIRE to activate it.  Weapons and armor are automatically equipped and used.  The Eye is hidden in treasure chests below the fifth floor of the dungeon.  Once retrieved the Knight must find staircases that lead back up and get back to the first floor!  If the Knight gets hit too many times by either the monster or traps he expires and is transported to the nether regions.  The nether region has exits that warp our Knight back to the 7th floor.  Use the reset switch to restart the game.

* There are one-way exits!

* Objects disappear after the room has been exited.

* If you feel the maze has closed in on you wait awhile..

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