Brace for Impact: Day 7 – Success

Some day 7 musings.   I count this release as a success, but I feel it came out a little bland and flat.

The things that went right:

  • I scaled the feature set to something that could be done in 7 days.
  • The combat mechanic is promising.  I do want to try variations on this theme.
  • I used a library that I cooked up over the past year, it seemed to stay out of the way.
  • The ship looks cool.

Things to improve:

  • I wanted some more power progression for the player.
  • I needed some procedurally  generated content for variety.  I envisioned transporting to planets and other ships.
  • The combat doesn’t have enough feedback to the player.

This was a great motivating challenge.  Perfect has been the enemy of good for me.  The 7 day time limit really helped me get past trivial problems and concentrate on being creative.  The code really reflects the “get it done” attitude of the week.  Being OCD, I hope to take some of the general routines back into a shared library for later projects.

The important thing was that I was able to see some of my ideas come to reality.  That is a huge step forward for other projects.

I look forward to seeing all of the dev’s work.  It helps to know others were struggling and working hard this week as well.

Here are the hosted binaries:



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