Card Bard [Success]

Card Bard, my first #7drl and my second game jam this month (coming right after the cyberpunk jam), has been completed.


I had a lot of ideas for this game at the start, and got to implement quite a few of them. My favourite mechanic, The Wheel, came pretty late into development and I feel like it is worth exploring more after I take a little break from programming (16 days straight jammin’!).

I know it’s not the most roguelike game, but there are a ton of random elements (draw order, almost all the values, rewards, enemies etc). Plus, you only get one shot to make it as far as you can.

I treated this jam game as a ‘real’ game early on in development, trying to keep my code pristine. I felt like it had real potential but as the end approaches I had to stuff features in and get what little playtesting done I could, so the code looks pretty jammy anyways now! I had a great time developing this one, and will probably come back to it and clean it up (and find an artist and polish it up some more)

Play it here:

[UPDATE: bug fixes, ie enemies not spawning after certain conditions are met, added weapon reward chance]

Thanks for reading! -@nik_sg

1 thought on “Card Bard [Success]”

  1. Good stuff, I really like what you did with the wheel. It does a good job of capturing ‘exhaustion’ eg: do I press on and risk getting some bad cards, or should I equip less this turn?

    There was an iOS game that played around with the idea of equipping items to determine how common various items were on the slot reels (Kings Cashing perhaps?). I think you could do a lot with the wheel concept, and perhaps add other things besides skulls. You could have some whole meta, out of battle equip/setup that determined how your reel was organized.

    Lots of good potential here, hope you continue to work on it!

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