Colosseum of Rogues 7DRL- COMPLETE

Final changes:

-Added color coding to indicate character states (blocking, getting hit, winding up a move, recovering from a move)

-Randomized normal move data for opponents

-Added the choice of two characters (Max and Ruby, with the same moves but slightly different properties. Think Ryu and Ken).

-I’m considering doing post-work on this game in a month or two, to add more to it.

-Built the game in Monodevelop instead of Visual Studio and targeted the 4.0 framework, in order to address Windows XP incompatibility problems, in response to forum feedback. Thanks go to Lazycat.



Two characters to choose from, the equivalent to Ryu and Ken.



Color coding on enemies to indicate status (the opponent is starting up a normal attack)


Randomized attack data for normals on opponents.

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