Creek Hero – success!

I completed my first 7drl, roguelike or even game this morning. It wont be the best game of this 7drl, but it’s definitely a personal achievement

The goal of the game was to build a roguelike game based on the classic flash game called fishy. If you don’t know this game, it’s about eating fish which are smaller than you to grow and become the biggest fish in your river.


The interesting mechanic is the growing mechanic. The game is in fact build around this mechanic, and I never saw it in roguelike, so it was interesting to try it. As an experiment, the project succeeded.

I got everything in the game I planned, even though I aimed low. but hey, i’m satisfied with the game.You can try it out here! It should work on Windows and Mac (download, it might simply work), because it’s made with LÖVE2D.


edit: added VI and arrow kets support.

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