cyberdekay success


a virus of unknown origin has infected the networks that facilitate free exchange of information, threatening total memory corruption. recently retrieved by members of the scene, the only hope lies in a heavily encrypted corporate anti-virus program

cyberdekay is a cyberpunk roguelike set in the core memory of a hacker data haven. link programs, files, and memory into processes that manipulate the fabric of cyberspace. protect the anti-virus until you can fully decrypt it and eradicate the dolphin virus

if the anti-virus is corrupted, you lose. if you catch yourself in a memory write, you lose. if you trap yourself in a closed path, enjoy an eternity in cyberspace

please contact me at @ragzouken or ragzouken at with any problems. post-mortem coming soon. if you would like to let’s play this or whatever i can provide a post-compo version that allows you to resize the window

README.txt // HINTS.txt // VIRUS.txt
windows standalone
osx standalone
windows + osx + linux (requires LÖVE)


Author: Mark Wonnacott

i like to make experimental games, often with exciting graphics. author of cyberdekay, chaos wizard, channel hopping

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