DiceMines – day 7 – Success… I guess.

I guess I’m done today. It’s mostly what I wanted.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 9.43.50 PM

Not as good as I was hoping for but it’s decent and seems to not crash or have any obvious bugs. I think I accomplished quite a few new things but it just doesn’t quite have the feel I was going for. I think if I had devoted more time to the ally ai and focused less on enemies and items it would have been better. Oh well. It was still fun.

You can recruit up to 8 people to adventure in the Dice Mines. There’s dice to pickup, items to find, enemies to kill, and lava to fall in. There’s no real goal but it does keep score.

I’m fairly happy with how the dice are used. They’re used as your base stats (eg, accuracy = 3d4+2), as weapon bonuses (eg, +1d3 damage), and carried around in your inventory. You can use the ones in your inventory to use special abilities. It didn’t quite get the feel I was going for but maybe you need a real dice-based boardgame for that. I’m happy with how the weapons and abilities turned out.

I’m a little disappointed in how the party based ai ended up though. They’re fairly smart but each person’s personality doesn’t stand out very much. They don’t interact with each other as much as I wanted either. I do like how they have different preferences for where they stand in the group, how often they talk, and how greedy or aggressive they are. Another couple days and it would be pretty good. The 3D a-star pathfinding is pretty cool though.

It’s playable in your browser but you should probably download the Flash Standalone Player and use that instead. It’s written in Haxe so it can compile to native libraries but it was about 2 seconds to render each frame when I tried it so I’m not going to make that downloadable.

Download: https://github.com/trystan/DiceMines/releases

Code: https://github.com/trystan/DiceMines

Time to get some sleep then play everyone else’s roguelike tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “DiceMines – day 7 – Success… I guess.”

  1. Can we hope for a post7drl version? With 1) autotargeting. Like pressing tab to enumerate enemies in sight/range. 2) With hanging bug fixed. The game hangs quite often.
    Right now there is also annoying bug – if you press ‘f’ while already targeting, you will shoot at yourself. Probably several times in one turn.
    It’s a very nice entry anyway. I’d like to play it more (preferably with above fixes).

    1. I’m glad you like it Xecutor!
      Autotargeting would be good, but my seven days are up and, to be honest, I’ve kind of lost interest in working on Dice Mines. I’ll be sure to add autotargeting to next year’s entry though.
      I never noticed the game hang but I’d fix it if I knew what was causing it. Is it a specific ability or screen or scenario?
      Pressing ‘f’ while targeting fires your bow. If you were aiming at yourself then you’ll shoot yourself.

  2. That’s sad 🙁
    Last time the game hanged after I fired an arrow at a ghost and it used 2d7 to sneak away. I still see it, so probably that’s the source of the problem.
    As for ‘f’. When you press ‘f’ while already in targeting, you fire an arrow (it is floating in the air at your tile) and the targeting is restarts without spending a turn. You can fire an infinite amount of arrows in one turn.
    But there is a chance to hit yourself. All arrows are fired if you finish targeting with enter.

    1. I’ve got a few projects in-flight that I need to focus on so apart from bug fixes, Dice Mines is done. Let me know what you liked the most and I’ll make sure to improve it in my next roguelike.
      I looked over the sneak code and played with it for a while but couldn’t make the game hang. It bugs me but I’m not sure what’s gone wrong. ActionScript seems to be loosey-goosey with nulls and things like that unless it completely crashes the game. No errors or anything. Frustrating.
      I double checked the ‘f’ while targeting and you’re absolutely right – it’s a bug. I fixed it and there’s a new upload at https://github.com/trystan/DiceMines/releases.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave comments and such a good bug report!

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