Eden Sector – Success!


Eden Sector is done!

It’s a brand new complete, winnable game, set in the world of Approaching Infinity. Download it here: http://ibol17.itch.io/eden-sector

Join the resistance in their quest to overthrow the evil Bankers. Follow clues to find “Eden Sector”, the resting place of a legendary artifact. Make friends with strange aliens along the way. And finally return to your people through an active war zone.

You can see me here going after the famed Amulet Of Yendor:

aoy in sight

It’s a very user-friendly modern graphical roguelike. You can use numpad, hjklyubn, or an XBOX controller to play. It’s feature-rich, with procedural maps, items, and monsters. You can hire Officers and choose their skills when they level up. You can even take advantage of A.I.’s random crafting system. Encounter 70 types of monsters, and find 50 types of devices

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