h@ckeRL finished

h@ckeRL Title

It was finished. It is not a success as I wanted it to be.

Either because this is only my 2nd 7DRL, or because it’s always been the way I am, I was trying to add so many features I could think of into the game in the period of 7 days. Some I could, some I did with messy codes, and some I had to skip.

What went wrong

Making a hacking game was always my biggest goal in game development. However, I  don’t know a lot about hacking, and trying to map roguelike components into it is not always easy. Because of that, ideas were swapped quite a few times, and I ended up making a game about hacking memory (on a remote server).

The second challenge (not a bad thing) is that I decided to start everything from scratch. Besides using rot.js to generate a map, everything else was done by me (and help from @anvoz). I started my 7DRL as an attempt to learn about React.js, and trying to do things for a game is not always straightforward with React.js.

Also, I focused too much on the game flow, trying to make the story line better instead of the gameplay.

h@ckeRL Storyline

What was achieved

A somewhat complete game system that has basic roguelike components such as random dungeon, random enemies, random stats, unidentified items, permanent death.

h@ckeRL gameplay

Learning React.js was fun. Trying to dig in and fix bugs was fun. I have learned a lots in a week. Ultimately, being able to finish what I started is the best achievement of me.

Thank you all for the opportunity. Seeing other games make me cry a little, but hey, congrats!

The game is playable over here, and can also be downloaded to run under a static web server.

Looking forward to seeing 7DRL next year.

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