LanternRun SUCCESS!


So the first lesson I learnt was do not register your wordpress account just before you want to upload your entry.  My entry was done yesterday but I couldn’t log in until just now.

My plan with LanternRun was to build a set of abstract prototype mechanics to use when testing future game ideas. So when I want to design a new level generator, I can make it for this and keep the simple combat, menu and loot systems. If I want to do the same with a new combat system, the level stuff is already there. Hopefully you understand what I mean by that.

So each system was designed to be as simple as possible and completely modular.

For the 7dRL I removed any systems I didn’t feel were up to scratch. Thus the inventory system (functional) was removed since there were no actual items to collect.

Also, since I am an Australian living in Germany, I  implemented a system for unlimited localizations, and with help from my partner Melanie, provided a full german translation.

My time management software says that in total I only spent just under 20 hours working on this project over the last week. The only code I used was the simple menu stuff I use for all my projects. Would have been less but I decided to add 4 more monster types at the last minute (7 types in total).

I hope you enjoy LanternRun. Please let me know of any bugs (needs to be tested on Linux).

.love Download Link (all platforms, requires love2d 0.9.0) 

.exe Download Link (Windows)


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