Powerslave, 5th post

Hi all,

One day left… even though  I’m not sure when started :).

Since last release:

  • Preloader
  • Enemies take you water and there’s a probability they drop an object when you kill them
  • Background music (composed a long ago, so I’m planning to change it)
  • Sound effects (thanks to SFXR)
  • Blur effect  (I hope it looks like a ZX Spectrum game)
  • More colors (only two blocks)
  • Improved difficulty

Try this version here. Use cursor keys to move, Z to shoot, TAB to toggle minimap.

To do:

  • Store at the end of each floor (weapon, speed, health, water)
  • More enemies (that attack you)
  • Final Boss (I have an idea about how to increase difficulty of the final boss)
  • More SFX
  • New bgm
  • Stats at the end of each floor
  • Keep water between floors (only if I implement the store).

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Good luck to all!!

1 thought on “Powerslave, 5th post”

  1. Very nice, loved the music and I almost got the 3 keys. I tried to play purely with the directional key and avoided using the weapon until towards the end where poor resource management got the better of me.

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