Quick Takes Part 1

Assault Fish: Hangs on the loading screen. I blame win 8…It’s a bummer too because Eben usually puts out interesting games.

Golden Krone Hotel: Neat game, Vampire/Human theme with sunlight mechanics (I think). Powder type presentation and FOV. Lots of promise here.
Airship Dragoon Rogue: Interesting looking 3D game, like the old World Runner a bit. Run around in a Tron grid. Looks like you can pick up weapons and space bar bad guys to death in a beat’em up fashion. Real time.

Kraxln: Cool climbing RL. Watch for the goats! Very cool concept here.

The Littlest Princess: My game! Arcade inspired, run from the ghost. Pretty basic, made it for my nieces.

Rift – RL: Error: There should be ‘RiftRL_Data’ folder next to the executable. I must have done something wrong.

Goldfish: Wow. Classic presentation (ascii/console style). Play a goldfish who grants wishes to fishermen in exchange for being released. Basically the fishermen send you on awesome quests. Very impressive game at first glance.
Beware Strange Warp Points: This is a neat game that sets the map, or level/game progression like the Space Empires series of games. Basically a classic RL but the ‘stairs’ are warp points that lead you to another star system. Looks to have some solid depth, have to play more to know.

Mana Well: A classic rogue game, nearly a clone of Rogue. I’d love to dig into this one more but i can’t see it! Very very small, can’t figure out how to blow it up to full screen. Looks like a nice classic entry.

Data Queen: Ah Darren Grey, veteran of many a 7DRL. This year he puts out a hacking themed game with Hive style mechanics. Hive is a board game, or table top game since there’s no board. Hex based with QWEASD (queasy?) controls. Played it a bit, looks pretty neat, it’s not one of those games you can get a good sense of in 5 minutes though. Darren the icon for the .exe still has the TOME graphic. This game was made with the T-Engine, which I recommend for anyone interested in making Roguelikes but not interested in building your engine from scratch…okay, next game.

Commission Impossible: Web based ascii game. Scrolling levels. Seems to be a real time component somewhere but I didn’t see it. Story/Theme is you are going after some sort of ‘broker’. You play as Agent Mulder. I’m going to pretend this is an X-Files game. I stabbed a bunch of janitors. Note it has nonstandard up/down stair commands ‘[‘ and ‘]’.

Sand Dune Monster: Some sort of hex and web based abstract with skulls and stuff. Sweet foreboding tones for a soundtrack. Graphical.
The Curse of Midas: Point and click web game. Uses the Gervais tiles (I think). Classic fantasy theme.

Mountain of the Gods: Classic Rogue presentation and gameplay. Looks pretty solid but maybe a bit limited. A nice classic entry methinks. I’ll come back to this one.

Horddays: Zombies! Quirky sort of RL. Very smooth feeling somehow. Hard to say what all is here.

Hellspace: Numeron made this game. If looks and feels like many of the games he has made in the past, which is awesome. This one looks a bit more story heavy, hard to know with so brief a play. Some of the curved passages rotate the view to make it so the straight arrow keys can take you along curved passages.


2 thoughts on “Quick Takes Part 1”

  1. Wow, great that you’re doing this again this year Jo! So much easier to get a sense for what I’d be interested to play myself, and to get a one-liner first-impression of my own game (when ever you get to it). Great initiative!

  2. This is looking nice! I look forward to when you get to them all, and I’ll listen really carefully to anything you have to say about Colosseum, if anything. 🙂

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