Rogue Station, Release

Please go to the rogue basin page to get the latest version of Rogue Station:

Edit: Looks like the blog blocked the direct links, so sorry for the copy/paste url inconvenience.

7 thoughts on “Rogue Station, Release”

    1. I’m afraid the game isn’t really set up for mobile/tablet platforms, input/ui-wise, so it would take a fair effort to port it, even if Unity has excellent support for the platform. So it won’t happen right now, but perhaps something to consider for ARRP or post-ARRP 🙂

      1. Huh. Well that’s too bad. All mobiles have some onscreen keyboard and some have hardware keyboards. I keep a bluetooth keyboard around with windows function keys just for DOS games.

        1. I will have a closer look at this when we’re ready to release the patched version in a week or two 🙂 iOS is unlikely since it would require going through the app store process, but Android should be doable in theory!

          1. If Rogue itself can be released on Android then most any roguelike can as well. Some are already.

        2. Yeah, one would think so. I did a test build for android for the latest Patch 1 release, but it appears to require more work setting things up to make it look good and not require a bluetooth keyboard, so afraid I’ll probably not do this.

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