Success – VARIABLO

Variablo, my little roguelike-experiment, is finished. Overall I had less than 2.5 days of time, but I wanted to try a little idea I had some days before, and it seemed doable in this short amount of time. So here it is:

(made with Unity, but Standalones are provided)

Unfortunately I didn’t have any time for polishing really, and a lot of stuff to make it round is missing (like sounds, or some kind of meaningful ending). As I created the four dungeons in the last two hours, there isn’t much balancing. But overall it is playable.

The game is about you, Mordecai, who was captured by the wizard Variablo, and now you have to flee. Variablo has a very strange dungeon where exits are only visible when the dungeon itself is in its correct form …

As usual, this was a very intense experience, and often I thought I wouldn’t finish it.

Congratulations to all the winners, and those who tried!

2 thoughts on “Success – VARIABLO”

  1. I have been playing your game a fair bit, ratking and think there’s good and bad to it, but more good than bad and the bad is just my personal taste.

    First it’s AMAZING what you got done in 2.5 days. It really shows that you are a professional developer. You probably got more done in 2.5 days than I got done in 7 working 12 hours a day.

    Next up, the graphics: really cute, nice, love them.

    Next: the concept, of the sliding puzzle dungeon. Genius! Great concept. Really, really top notch, grade A stuff. This is too good to let go on this 2.5 day game- you simply must either expand the game or revisit it or I’ll be tempted to rip the idea off because it is that fxen good.

    The weakest part, and it is like I say probably just my taste, and is understandable given the time you spent is the combat. Personally I have been doing a bit of a Darren Grey recently and moving towards 1hp mechanics, or at least 1hp for mobs (as I used in Sucker this year). The having to bump into mobs over and over to kill them feels silly and grindy almost, although practically every game does it of course, and having multiple turns to kill a mob does bring in more strategy when other mobs can be moving up to you and so on. Maybe it’s just that the combat is a little dull, but like I said, I can understand that given the time spent.

    Overall, great job. I hope you get the recognition you deserve for this quality small game.

    1. Hey graspee, thank you for your kind words and the great analysis!

      You’re absolutely right, the combat definitely isn’t the best part. I wasn’t completely sure how to tackle this till the end; I just wanted to make the combat meaningful enough so you have a reason to not slide the dungeon parts around all the time. But yeah, fights mostly are just too long and not rewarding (as monsters don’t drop anything), and if I ever come around to expand this I would probably change this part first.

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